PZD(PinZhu Design) was founded in 2008. The registered capital is 55 million. It has the national grade-B qualification for architectural decoration design.

We have been providing hotel investors with systematic and professional services and guidance, such as overall hotel planning packages, hotel interior decoration design and hotel marketing management.

In the increasingly fierce competition in the hotel market today, we create characteristic brand hotels that are more suitable for local market demand and produce maximized return on investment for owners.

At present, Pinzhu Design has hotel design cases both at home and abroad, such as Singapore, Hainan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shanxi, Hebei, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities of China. The company has maintained long-term strategic partnerships with many hotel giants, such as Huazhu Hotel Group, New Century Hotels & Resorts, Narada Hotel Group, SSAW Boutique Hotel, Marriott Hotel.



Pinzhu Design continued to unfold new business blueprints, and successfully established partnerships with Huazhu Hotel and Marriott Hotel.


Pinzhu celebrated its 10th birthday and moved to a new site, aspiring to provide more and better services for more clients.


In 2017, Pinzhu successfully signed a contract with the five-star New Century Hotel.


Pinzhu completed its representative hotel design projects, such as Junding Hotel’s design and decoration project in Hunan, and successfully signed Zhuji Hotel’s decoration project in Zhejiang.


Pinzhu developed the corporate structures of the decoration company and design company, and laid down its first five-year development strategy.


Pinzhu earned the national grade-B qualification for architectural decoration design.


Pinzhu shifted from comprehensive decoration design to hotel design services, began to train and manage designers, and establish client files.


Shanghai Pinzhu Design Company formerly signed a contract with Zhejiang World Trade Group (SSAW Boutique Hotel). With their expertise in hotel design, Pinzhu kept winning the client’s appreciation and trust.


With his professional knowledge and love for the decoration design industry, Pinzhu’s founder Mr. Guo Weisheng founded Shanghai Pinzhu Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. in Aug. 2008.

Business layout

Sichuan Guizhou Guangxi Hunan Jiangxi Anhui Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai Nei Monggol Hainan Singapore Hebei Shanxi
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