Hotel Planning Description

The first step of a hotel project is not design, but project planning. Why do we do project planning?

Going deep into the market to understand the market situation is the same as the common military tactic goes: “know yourself and your enemy, then you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat”. Business is war, and the hotel business is no exception. First of all, we need to investigate the local development level, consumption level, consumption habits, resident population, immigrant and floating population and other market dynamics important to the survival of the hotel industry. At the same time, it is necessary to investigate the development and operation information of local peers, collect and sort out market data, to determine the hotel's location, level, scale, market positioning and do on based on the investment estimation. When the market positioning is determined, we can analyze the hotel’s possible strengths and weaknesses in its future operation according to its location, conditions, facilities and so on, thereby developing relevant operation schemes and marketing strategies.

Hotel planning content

Market research

Impacts of the investment environment on the hotel;

Hotel market and customer demands;

Advantages and disadvantages of the location;

The market environment to be faced by the hotel;

Hotel positioning

Hotel customer positioning;

Hotel design style positioning;

Hotel operation model positioning;

Hotel business model positioning;

Investment analysis

Hotel investment estimation;

Hotel decoration cost estimation;

Hotel marketing budgeting;

Hotel operating income estimation

Design requirements

Hotel functions and the required space;

Hotel function layout;

Hotel function line straightening;

Hotel internal and external business interactions;

Hotel logistics service and function configuration;

Hotel interior decoration requirements;

Landscape design requirements;


Pin Zhu bamboo design hotel chief planner


Mr. Guo focuses on serving as Pinzhu Design’s master planner for hotels. With over 20 years of experience in the field of hotel architectural design, he has participated in the overall planning and design of several hotel chains. He is familiar with the s

Representative Projects

  • 【Junding Shuifu Hotel】
    The project is located in Xiangxiang City, Hunan Province. The project area is 35,000㎡, with 270 guest rooms. Junding Shuifu Hotel integrates the grace of Li River and the warmth of West Lake. The place is known as a “fairyland on the earth”. This project uses the Zeng Guofan-themed cultural elements and gives full play to the ways of making friends and dealing with people in the twelve maxims, implying the hotel welcomes guests from all directions. The hotel is next to Shuifumiao Reservoir, so it is blessed with rich water resources, coupled with the Thai-style strong water culture of the Dai nationality, making it a boutique resort hotel for leisure and vacations.
  • 【SSAW Boutique Hotel Liuzhou Courtyard】
    The project is located in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province. The project area is 10,410㎡, with 101 guest rooms, including 33 standard double rooms, 65 rooms with queen-size beds and bathtubs, and 3 suites. The hotel has distinctive Oriental cultural elements. It inherits the great Oriental cultural context and pays attention to the use of design elements and the combination of decorative materials, coupled with the local landscape. The beauty of Liuzhou is blended into the garden landscape, allowing people to appreciate the magnificence of nature all the time. Steady and lively, grand and beautiful, it’s a boutique hotel with a strong culture and unique style built to make the investor's wishes come true.
  • 【Lanwan Hotel Caohai】
    The project is located in Weining County, Guizhou Province. The project area is 12,870㎡, with 177 guest rooms. Caohai is known as the "kingdom of birds". It is the best choice for bird-watching in winter and spring and spending summer and autumn. This project combines local landscape and culture with a modern style, to create a boutique resort space with rich connotations and distinctive individuality. The unique and beautiful local scenery is integrated into the design concept. Humanity merges into the scenery, making people feel the magnificence of nature while having a comfortable and relaxed mood.
  • 【Tiansheng SSAW Boutique Hotel Qidong】
    The project is in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province. The project area is 7,000㎡, with 100 guest rooms. This case combines two completely different design styles. The use of a variety of different material combinations, the alternation and contrast of bright or dim, gorgeous or simple, smooth or rough spaces form a powerful but not rigid, dynamic but not immature unique style. It provides a diverse environment for guests and allows different styles to coexist, so as to approach the meaning and habits of the inhabitants through such sharing.
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