We don't believe in individual heroism! We believe in team strength. Hotel design is highly professional. It requires designers to have high artistic accomplishments and rich hotel design experience. Pinzhu Design breaks down the work specialty by specialty, each performing their own functions. The average length of service of the design team’s members is over 8 years. They all have rich experience, full-service capability and the courage to break through and innovate, practicing the mission of creating value for clients with design!

  • Guo HaoHotel Design Consultant

  • Han QifeiChief designer

  • Zou LimingDesigner

  • GaoJiaLiMain case designer

  • Xu LinMain case designer

  • Tang ShunaDesigner

  • Jiang satisfiedMain case designer

  • Sun LijunDesigner

  • JiFangDesigner

  • KouHaoWeiMain case designer

  • Liu LingqingDesigner

  • BaoBinDesigner

  • Guo ZhaoDesigner

  • Wang Yuan YuanDesigner

  • Chen QiuxiangDesigner

  • Ma LanDesigner

  • Wei XiaDesigner

  • Sun DongjingDesigner

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